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Come with us and let's connect entrepreneurs across Africa!


Value Proposition
  1. EC Africa is a pan-African network of entrepreneurs that will create value exchanges within and between their enterprises to accelerate their own and general economic growth.
  2. EC Africa connects entrepreneurs/businesses in Africa to each other so they can access new markets and opportunities across the continent.
  3. Making connection easy – becoming findable, building a reputation.
  4. Access to business opportunities in new markets.
  5. The place where African business connects to exchange value & accelerate growth (Amplifying African Excellence, Be in the know, be part of changing the African narrative, thought leadership).
  6. Understand the African market & its opportunities.
  7. Get the skills you need to thrive in the African market (training programmes on site).
  8. De-risking collaboration (we vet our members).
  9. Facilitating services e.g. legal, export, forex, payment platforms etc.
  1. African business news (all)
  2. Weekly entrepreneurial feature video (all).
  3. Podcast (one monthly on free level, weekly available to subscribers).
  4. Matches (only show partial for free members, rest unlocked after subscription.
  5. Enhanced content (only for subscribers – this includes seminars, training thought leadership forums).
  6. Escrow facility (phase 2 or 3 even).
  7. Resource bank (limited access for free, full access for subscribers).
  8. Support services to SMEs (available to whoever pays for these – e.g. legal, expert/import facilitation, PR packages, financial services etc).
The Platform Offering

The Enterprise Resource Bank

The Why

  • Some businesses fail and lose customers because of their inability to deliver as a result of lack of proper resources.
  • There are organisations with excess equipment gathering dust in their storage that they are not sure what to do with, or how to dispose of it.
  • There are businesses that are in need of certain resources to better their operations but cannot afford to purchase them.
  • Linking an entrepreneur to resources they need such as a simple computer OR Office furniture will boost their business confidence and gives them an opportunity to deliver better for their clients.

Resource Bank

  • We engage the business community with a two pronged approach where:-while inviting organisations with excess resources to donate to the resource pool, we will invite businesses in need to register with us and state their needs.
  • We will then endeavour to match available resources with businesses in need.
  • Through a media campaign, we will be able to reach a wider audience for both surplus and deficit which will enable us to populate the Enterprise resource bank for the business community.
  • Benefits to organisations that support and donate resources to the Enterprise Resources will not only be brand mentions and visibility in our campaigns, but also 135% B-BBEE points towards their scorecard.

Additional Offerings on the #ECAfrica Platform

  • We provide a visual content package Amplifying the entrepreneur brands and their stories
  • Technological resources that will be a catalyst to get them to market
  • A Space for entrepreneurs in an ecosystem that will take them forward
  • Creation of well packaged entrepreneur content

Connecting Entrepreneurs