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Why Us

What we know is that entrepreneurs need to be a part of strong ecosystems such as our #ECAfrica platform as a vital need to profile their brands BUT do not have the resources to invest in it upfront. The Mission of ECAfrica is to work together to deliver simple and intuitive technology solutions that improve the lives and businesses of African citizens Our aim create a secure and easily accessible platform to all people doing business and interacting throughout the African continent


Our principal values are that we build bridges for each other and create room at the table for other entrepreneurs. We are an organic movement - connecting the dots and making the circle bigger. When we impact our own liquidity, market share and profitability we create jobs and turn the wheels of the economy. As a collective, this approach accelerates the power of African entrepreneurs as economic drivers.

Our vision is to build a pan African network of entrepreneurs that will create value exchanges within and between their enterprises to accelerate their own and general economic growth.


We want to create a global market where African entrepreneurs have equal access to penetrate new markets, drive sales and connect to international business opportunities.

EC Africa is a digital platform that connects African entrepreneurs to opportunities, markets, resources and collaborations with fellow entrepreneurs.

It is a Movement of entrepreneurs driven by shared experiences and challenges, with a desire to impact change and birth solutions that will positively drive entrepreneurship on the continent.

Through this movement the intention is to build a pipeline to connect and develop sustainable African business markets where entrepreneurship drives our economies, through scaling our products and services in order to accelerate our entry into new markets, create wider visibility and awareness, foster dialogue and lower barriers.

The Beginning

Entrepreneur Connect Africa has since inception, created a movement of entrepreneurs who are on a mission to share insights, experiences and support through buying from each other as well as recommending each other where relevant products/services are required.

Connecting Entrepreneurs