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Come with us and let's connect entrepreneurs across Africa!


Amplifying African Excellence

A pioneering movement using digital as a transforming disruption to profile business stories and connect networks to new markets.

The Beginning

Entrepreneur Connect Africa has since inception, created a movement of entrepreneurs who are on a mission to share insights, experiences and support through buying from each other as well as recommending each other where relevant products/services are required.

Who Are We Targeting

SMEs that are already trading and have some tractionSMEs with market opportunities in their countriesCorporates & organisations that need to access African SME’s

Did you know?

Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated local e-commerce adoption in South Africa by as much as three to five years
Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated local e-commerce adoption in South Africa by as much as three to five years
The majority of these online stores are less than 2 years old, started by people older than 30 years and female
SMEs are seen to be some of the main drivers of job creation. They contribute to the identity and social cohesion of local communities. This is seen to be a trend across the world

The Big Opportunity

These micro- to small 'mom-and-pop' online shops generally operate as follows:

  • 64% are full-time (64%) and 36% are sidehustles
  • 71% are older than 30 years old
  • 63% are female founders

We know they typically use social media as the main sales channel:-

  • 69% via Facebook
  • 53% via own websites, and
  • 48% via Whatsapp/SMS
They rely heavily on 3rd party technology vendors to set up, market, transact, deliver and service their customers

Our Aims

To create platforms that untap value for entrepreneurs
To link entrepreneurial offerings and unpack content to channel stories as a disruptor
To be an enabler in driving the agenda in creating employment by boosting PR and marketing for businesses so they can implement effective business solutions and expand
To use our foresight to transform how business is profiled, positioned and amplified within the ecosystem and the market it serves

The Problem

Having invited and profiled over 120 Entrepreneurs, we observed that entrepreneurs:
  • Need more visibility in their immediate geographic areas as they are losing
  • business to more established bigger brands that are sometimes much farther
  • Can fill the gap for convenience and quick turnaround time for delivery of quality products/service
  • Have little to no finance to invest in their own brands' marketing drive
  • Need for an intervention that will assist in linking them to markets
  • Entrepreneurs need to fully appreciate and embrace e-commerce as the opportunity to grow their businesses
A digital platform to connects small businesses to existing and potential customers.

The platform will act as a connector, enabling businesses to list their offerings and expand their reach within their geographic areas. Listing on the platform will be free and the small businesses will pay a percentage for every transaction secured on the platform.

In Addition, the app will also have the resource bank page - An initiative created to connect resources with businesses in need of them to execute their tasks and deliver efficient services to clients. The Enterprise resource bank was created to empower businesses starting up and give them an equal fighting chance in the market they serve.

The Why

  • What we know is that entrepreneurs need to be a part of strong ecosystems such as our #ECAfrica platform as a vital need to profile their brands BUT do not have the resources to invest in it upfront.

  • The Mission of ECAfrica is to work together to deliver simple and intuitive technology solutions that improve the lives and businesses of African citizens.

  • Our aim create a secure and easily accessible platform to all people doing business and interacting throughout the African continent

Connecting Entrepreneurs